I don't actually look like this

Name: Kat Moon
Alias/Pseudonym: steamedbun, kit-kat, moonbeam
Sign:  Taurus
Date of Birth: 5/5/83
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Korean American
Place of Birth: Redding
Current Location/Residence: California

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5 ft 6in
Tattoos/Piercings: nope
Marital Status: someday  
Family Members: I am the middle child
Pets: a future cat, 7 past cats, and 0 present cats
Occupation: artist, lab assistant, field worker
Ambitions/Dreams: not starve, make cool things

Favourite Artist(s):  Van Gogh, Yoshitaka Amano, Kim Ki-Chang (Un-Boh)
Favourite Colour: black and blue
Favourite Flavour: sweet
Favourite Food: red bean (adzuki-smooth or lumpy), kimchi, candy
Favourite Drink: water from Mtn. Shasta
Favourite Anime: Vampire Hunter D
Favourite Manga: Buddha by Osama Tetsuka
Favourite Book: frilly Victorian novels
Favourite Hobbies: art, hiking, mushroom foraging, knitting, baking
Favourite Genre: thriller, romance
Favourite Places: damp ones where my mushroom friends grow
Likes: naps, fungi, mother nature, sweets, math
Dislikes:  putrescine, tools that are not multifunctional, quitting

 E-mail:  geishamuse@hotmail.com

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